Andrew Basiago claims that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency had him time-traveling from the ages of 7 to 12. Wait what!? He says that there were multiple adults and children being tested on, to see the affects on the different ages of humans. This man has told The Huffington Post that he had been sent back to the night of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln more than once. And to prove this he claims that he is a photo taken on that day! But according to a Hong Kong physicist, time travel is impossible, because the speed of light is the fastest thing out there. Nevertheless, a man by the name of Alfred Webre supports Andrew and his claims. He says that time-travel has been around for 40 years now.

So, Let Me Know What You Think!

For the “image” of Andrew Basiago and the full article, visit




  1. Problem with time travel is that let’s say you do manage to go “back in time” it would create a branch off parallel universe where the things you do can’t effect your original world because that timeline is set. You would end up in a permanent parallel universe that would be completely reminiscent of your original world but slightly different. There would be no going back because you would never be able to find your original universe since it wouldn’t exist. Time travel would theoretically be a one way trip that couldn’t possibly effect our world, it’s like sending yourself away without the hopes of coming back.

    Let’s say I travel to the night Lincoln was shot, I’m there now and somehow find a way back to my original timeline, well this original timeline would be permanently altered and create it’s own unique parallel universe where ONLY THE ORIGINAL TRAVELER could exist in. Therefore you have removed yourself from our reality and created your own. You are now lost forever.

    • I agree with you Mathew. Ive thought about this as well. You would be stuck because there would be no way back. And how would you get there in the first place? We have nothing that is the speed of light, the speed of sound sure, but not light. Even if we did, we wouldnt have anything to control it. But now think about it, you said that if you did travel back you would remove yourself from our reality and therefore created your own. Do you think maybe some unlikely people took a one way trip, and are stuck there now? With no way back. It seems as if with our technology now, that maybe we shouldnt just doubt these things and push them off.

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