2048, taking the internet by storm.

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2048 can be found here.          Threes can be found here.

2048 can be a ridiculously fun and addictive game if you let it be. If you let it frustrate you, it’s just really boring. You try, you fail, you fail again, then you keep failing, and eventually you get close but you fail anyway. The worst thing about losing is that it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a slow build up to losing, you can see it coming from far away. You know you’ve made irreversible mistakes, mistakes that are leading you to your doom.

Despite how fun 2048 can be, it comes with a sad story. The concept comes from a game called threes. Threes has been in development for quite some time, being developed by two people. 2048 is a free online game drawing away attention and users from threes. 2048…

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