And the Oscar Goes To…….Apollo 11!

11Eleven Daily

Strictly Supernatural: Moon Landings

By: Jessica White

Apollo 11 was a spaceflight that took the first humans to the moon. On July 20th 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set off on the mission to make it to the moon. On July 21st 1969 Armstrong, stepped on the moon’s surface followed by Aldrin. But is this really what happened or was it all staged because of the competition with the Russians? Did these men really step on the moon and collect real artifacts? Were the other Apollo missions faked too? People have questioned why we have never been back after the missions ended in the 70’s. About 20 percent of Americans believe we never actually landed on the moon. Was it all a hoax?

Some conspiracy theorists pointed out that when the video footage of the landing was shown on television people could clearly see the American flag waving…

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