Malaysian Plane 370 Hoax! Someone is being NAUGHTY!

So Bleak: News, Conspiracies, Jokes, and Short Stories

Ah, Malaysian Flight 370… I don’t mean to offend anybody but wow is it me or does it seem like somebody is trying to stir up trouble for China? The people are almost on a verge of revolt and many have taken to the DeepWeb to voice their struggles. In this age of NSA and constant surveillance (if you actually believe that they have that power, I don’t) do you really think they could lose a freakin’ plane? Of course not, I read the news okay, I know that these things happen but these things don’t happen for no reason.

Let’s examine the past year or two, what have we been seeing a lot of? Plane crashes, train crashes, oil spills, natural disasters, heat waves, snow, nuclear material going missing, chemical warfare being dumped into the oceans, a shit-load of radiation going into the ocean… We have seen a pretty…

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