Johnny Manziel Drafted By San Diego Padres, Yeah


Gecko on an LSD Trip!?

This video is so funny! The story behind this video is there were a few buddies who were tripping on the drug known as LSD. One of the guys decided to go into a closet and record himself and what he was saying. So, instead of posting just the recording, they decided to cover it up with an animated gecko to tell the story, with the mans voice in the background.

Watch and leave a like if you laughed (:

The evolution of size in lacrosse


Lacrosse is often praised as being a sport where athletes of any size can compete at the highest levels. While I think this general notion is still true, I’ve started to see college coaches put a premium on size when recruiting, and high school coaches often confuse size with skill. Of course there’s one example that really comes to mind, current sophomore midfielder Myles Jones from Duke. Here’s him abusing the best d-middie in the game:

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